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Vocalisms Drum Library

SPECS: 58 KITS, 928 SAMPLES, 24-BIT, 44.1 KHZ, 120 MB


Ableton Live version only available for purchase through the Ableton website.

Click on the pads above to play through 16 different audio demos for this product. In each demo, every sound you hear is contained within a single kit included with the product. No effects were used, and no additional sounds or instruments were added.

The VOCALISMS drum kits feature all kinds of vocal percussion: beatbox, shouts, buzzes, chirps, hard consonants, exaggerated vowels, phonetic exploration and a lot of experimentation. Each kit includes the standard drums such as kicks, snares, hihats, cymbals and toms, but also melodic elements such as bass lip buzzes, tonal hits and other sung one shots.

The sounds in Vocalisms are 100% "orally originated", meaning that no other non-vocal sounds were used and the human voice is the only sound source...even if it doesn't always sound like it. The samples were processed in a plethora of different ways to give an even broader palette of drum kit sound possibilities.

There are four kit categories in Vocalisms:

Advocal Kits (16) - These are the drier and tighter kits in the collection, with more beatbox sounds than other kits.
Evocal Kits (17) - These kits are among the most effected in the library, each one with its own unique style of production.
Havocal Kits (13) - The sounds in these kits are the most aggressive, either through processing or by the nature of the sounds.
Provocal Kits (12) - These are the most unconventional kits in the library, with more experimental and strange elements.

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The Ableton Live Pack of this library has additional content and is only available through Ableton as a separate purchase. New content includes Live Clips, macro controls, and MIDI patterns for every kit. Click on the button below to purchase from the Ableton website.